divendres, 1 de juny de 2018


As you may know, Batxillerat students have been working with BRANHAM High School from San José in California over the last two terms. Students from both schools have been exchanging their views on cinema, music and schools by doing some presentations where they could see the differences between British and American English. They have learnt new vocabulary, how to work with new technologies and acquire such patience to work in pairs, groups or individually.

Below you have some examples from the last projects students did, they had to write a review from a book, film or TV series by recording themselves, their voices or just by doing a power point or Prezi talking about the piece they have chosen. Finally, they had to recommend or give their opinion about it.

Students found these projects very interesting and working through EDMODO did their work easier, so they could exchange projects easily with their Californian mates.

Enjoy having a look at their reviews 😉 

Jana Vergés :

Ènia Morgades: 

Carla Nicolau: 

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