dilluns, 10 de desembre de 2018


Welcome everyone!

We are very happy to inform you that one more year our students from 1st and 2nd Batxillerat will be working together with the Branham School from San José, California (USA). This year, as a new incorporation, students from 3rd and 4th ESO will be participating, too. We hope both schools have the same experience like last year; they had a blast working and commenting all the work they did.

These projects are carried on by a Spanish and English teacher, Maria Meunier, from Branham School together with her coordinator, our beloved Melanie Vega, and our English teachers at Escola Meritxell, Yolanda Ibarz (3rd & 4th ESO) and Pili Díaz (1st & 2nd Batxillerat). Students will be working in groups together with the Americans via EDMODO – an educational social network - by uploading different projects where students might show their written and spoken English as well as making contact with other students abroad.

Let’s get started!!

English Department,

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